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Brett Mabberley is an internationally recognised specialist in advanced communication, CEO and founder of interpersonal insights, a coaching and consulting business designed for service-based businesses and professionals from the entertainment industry who want to communicate with impact, connect with others on a deeper level and stop leaving money on the table.

Brett has dedicated the last 20 years to mastering the art and science of human behaviour and has worked with a diverse range of people from around the world, from children with complex behavioural issues and serious offenders in prison to criminal defence lawyers, sales teams, Hollywood actors, government officials, elite athletes and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs. 

Brett has gained qualifications and experience in behavioural psychology, behaviour analysis, coaching, neuroscience, mediation, advanced linguistics and negotiation. 


As a recognised expert in his field, Brett has been asked to speak at multiple Universities and Schools, large corporates such as Aldi, RBS, Amey, Linklaters, Accenture, The Law Society, Gowlings Law, CIPD, St James Place Wealth Management, HM Prisons across the UK, Business Networking Events and Large Business Conferences.

He currently lives in Staffordshire, England. He loves to travel, is a keen martial artist and has a passion for personal and professional development.

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Brett Mabberley is an extraordinarily insightful human being; he has a scarce skillset of technical 'geek' know-how and emotional intelligence that makes him an extremely effective coach, strategist and visionary.


 He has a powerful empathetic temperament that is tough and yet understanding both at once, which is why he is such a popular coach and trainer.


He's also an inspiring, engaging public speaker with some cutting-edge content on human behaviour, communication and world-class performance.


Highly recommended!


Rob Brown

Founder & CEO - BDA (Business Development Academy) 


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Dedicating myself to mastering the art and science of interpersonal communication has been a central theme in my life since my first martial arts lesson 37 years ago when I was four years old.
Martial arts has given me a firm foundation to build on and has equipped me with discipline, confidence and the ability to read other people, situations and environments. Martial arts has been critical for my personal and professional success and has always kept me grounded. 



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I designed my career path with the intention of gaining as much hands-on experience as possible, from working with young people in the care system, serious offenders in prison and law enforcement officers to high performing lawyers, business leaders, sales teams, multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, celebrities and government officials.
Along the way, I have worked with over a thousand people and companies from around the world, gained qualifications and experience in psychology, neuroscience, behaviour analysis, behaviour profiling, advanced linguistics, negotiation and mediation. 
Over the past 20 years, I have built my own consulting business around my zone of genius and experience. I have personally secured over a million-pound investment for my own online coaching platform, which was later acquired by an Australian recruitment and training company. I have held board-level directorships and have been involved with multiple charities.



As a life long student of human behaviour, I'm always looking at ways to improve in every area of my life and find the marginal gains that make an exponential difference.
I'm aware of my strengths and recognise my weaknesses. I perfect my craft and continuously enhance my art. I lead from the front and invest a huge amount of my time, money and energy as part of my relentless personal and professional development.
Busy Street


 Brett is a cut above the rest and has given me a valuable set of skills that have changed how I approach sales conversations and investment opportunities that deliver real ROI.

I have worked with Brett for over three years

now and can't recommend him enough.

Neil Armstrong

Director/ Investor

Of Multiple Companies

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"I have worked with Brett in a number of areas over recent years, I have found him to be engaging, knowledgable and highly credible, and above all, authentic.

His range of expertise is extensive and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Patricia Colden

HR Specialist/Chair CIPD

Colden Human Recourses LTD

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Brett is one of the most inspirational and insightful people I know. I have benefitted hugely from the knowledge, skills and experience he has to offer.

Brett doesn't just talk the talk,

he walks the walk.

Chris Williams

Co/Founder Of

The Buddy Bag Foundation

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"Brett is an expert in his field, he is a first class consultant and certainly exceeds expectations.

I would recommend him as both

Consultant and Speaker

Donna Garner-Hickman

Executive Sales Director

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"For anyone who wants to play at a higher level and gain an unfair advantage. Brett gives you the tools to start playing chess whilst everyone else is playing checkers."

Benjamin Brain

Product Director At


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"Brett's vast knowledge of body language, emotions and psychology were undeniable.

His enthusiasm, great delivery style, approachability and professionalism made an interesting subject totally fascinating.

Tracey Kearns (MBA, CIPD)

Change Manager At

Transport For Wales

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