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By utilising cutting-edge insights from behavioural science and psychology.

Don't become another service-based business that gets lost in the crowd, stand out as extraordinary specialists that flourish.

In a fast-paced, competitive and digital world, acquiring the ability to stand out, confidently connect with prospects and create premium paying clients, has now become even more critical for building a profitable business and those who acknowledge this and take action on enhancing these abilities will enjoy greater personal and professional success than those who don't.

A cutting-edge approach for building relationships and increasing profit.

Interpersonal insights are training and consultancy business led by International people intelligence specialist Brett Mabberley, who teach service-based professionals how to observe, interpret and leverage human behaviour in order to communicate at the highest level, create premium paying clients with ease and make their competitors irrelevant.
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Gain An Extraordinary Advantage Over Your Competitors By Being Able To See And Hear What They Cant.
Through or science-backed and practical programmes, we aim to increase your ability to communicate with impact by enhancing your people skills and help you utilise a cutting-edge client acquisition framework specifically designed for building relationships faster, creating premium paying client with ease and generate more referrals.
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Make your competitors irrelevant by connecting with your prospects faster.


Become a person of influence
by taking your people skills to an extraordinary level.


Increase profitability by creating premium paying clients and referrals with ease.
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Create premium

paying clients with ease


Build relationships faster, create premium paying clients with ease and make your competition irrelevant with our cutting-edge client acquisition framework.

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Become a person of

influence and people magnet


Confidently connect and capitalise on human interaction by learning how to observe, interpret and utilise verbal and

nonverbal behaviour. 

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 Insight To Impact


Become a people expert, build relationships faster and start 

connecting with prospects at the highest level in order to create

premium paying clients with ease.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Dawn Graham, Sales Coach

"Brett's vast knowledge of the "new" body language, micro-emotions, psychology and human behaviour was really obvious. His enthusiasm, great delivery style, and professionalism made an already interesting subject area totally fascinating."



Tracy Kearns, CIPD

" I made £50,000 within 3 days after finishing Brett's course, by being able to recognise what wasn't said. Fascinating, easy to use, but most of all, a must-have if you want to ethically influence others and learn how to decode people." 

Dawn Graham Sales Coach

Working with Brett and interpersonal insights has added real value to our law firm, not only have they helped as consultants with court preparation, they continue to teach practical and easy to apply communication strategies to all of our new staff and senior partners.

Law Firm, New York, USA


Brett is exceptional at what he does and it was immediately obvious that the years he has spent on his own development has made him highly skilled in what he does. 

I commissioned Brett on a one to one basis to further enhance my communication skills and to help with my reading of a clients body language. The depth that he goes into is amazing, I especially love the reading of Micro Expressions - for any fan of the Tim Roth series "Lie To Me".

It has been a pleasure to introduce Brett to some major Corporate companies including The University of Birmingham and Natwest/RBS where he has worked his magic to improve teamwork, morale and above all results.

If you have a chance to work with Brett then I cannot recommend him highly enough. 


Matthew Broadhurst, 

St James Place Wealth Management

Birmingham, UK


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