This LIVE one-to-one intensive training programme has been designed for ambitious and committed high achievers who acknowledge that having the ability to communicate at a higher level is vital for success.


Insight To Impact Provides You With Everything You Will Need To Be Able To Communicate At An Extraordinary Level And Will Leave You With The Cutting-Edge Skills Required To Observe, Interpret And Utilise Verbal And Nonverbal Behaviours In Order To...

Stand Out More, Influence More And Earn More.

What Is Insight To Impact LIVE?

Insight to Impact is an intensive one-to-one live training programme designed for ambitious professionals who want to increase their people intelligence in order to confidently connect and capitalise on human interaction.
Equipping you with the cutting-edge skills and strategies required to maximise every human interaction, this programme will teach you how to observe, interpret and utilise your own and other peoples verbal and nonverbal behaviours in order to influence, negotiate and communicate at an extraordinary level.
Insight to Impact utilises advanced insights from behavioural science and psychology combined with common sense and real-world experience.

Who's This Programme For?

This programme has been designed for ambitious and committed high performers who acknowledge that having the ability to communicate at an extraordinary level is vital to success.
Insight to Impact is perfect for high performers who wish to apply advanced people reading skills, backed by a scientific approach, in order to influence and negotiate at the highest level.
Providing you with simple to apply tactics and strategies, this programme will help you build stronger relationships, give you confidence when communicating with others, provide you with a solid competitive advantage in your field, improve your game plan and ultimately stop you from leaving money on the table.



You recognise that having the ability to communicate at a higher level is vital to personal and business success.


You want to learn how to decode and interpret verbal and nonverbal behaviours in order to maximise human interaction.

You want to increase sales by training a high performing business development team with a unique skill-set.

Enhance your emotional and interpersonal intelligence competencies in or to connect with others.


Advanced communication skills are required to close high ticket sales.


Your job requires you to evaluate truthfulness and assess the credibility of others.

& much more.




This Programme Is For You If...






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Evaluate your first impression (what it says about you) and make changes to positively influence your career and social life.

Enhance your emotional intelligence competencies and learn how to recognise, understand and manage your emotions.

Learn more about yourself on a deeper level and uncover, master and utilise your communication style.

Build Internal And External CONFIDENCE

by unlocking your innate potential.


Learn How To CONNECT With Others 

by decoding and interpreting their behaviour.


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Learn how to recognise the different communication and behaviour styles of others in order to build rapport fast and create longer-lasting relationships. 

Learn how to know when you're getting what you want and when you're not, by being able to observe, interpret and utilise your own and other peoples nonverbal behaviours.

Learn how to use language and tonality in order to maximise impact when communicating with others.

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CAPITALISE On Every Future Interaction

by being able to communicate at an extraordinary level.


Learn the 7 step P.R.E.M.I.E.R system that will give you a cutting-edge proven framework for capitalising on every human interaction.

Build a network of high profile connections and partnerships by standing out more, leading with authority and inspiring, influencing and motivating others. 

Become a master of persuasion and negotiation and stop leaving money on the table.









Improve your ability to identify emotions in others and adopt appropriate strategies for building productive personal & business relationships.

Understand your own behaviour on a deeper level and learn how to decode and interpret other peoples in order to maximise every human interaction.

Evaluate first impression (what it says about you) and make changes to positively influence others.

Learn the "New" Body Language and uncover the myths about the old. Take control of difficult situations by using power body language, overcome personal fear and self-doubt and ultimately increase your performance.

Understand the importance of becoming aware of your personal behavioural baseline (i.e. your 
normal behaviour) and learn how to read other peoples.

Read micro-expressions (facial movements) and learn what to look out for in others, that may ultimately prevent you from making costly mistakes.


Decode what it means when someone moves their eyes left, right, up, down, straight ahead.


Boost your ability to inspire others.


Use power gestures to communicate and negotiate your way to more sales.


Understand how emotions work.


Develop your ability to decode verbal and non-verbal behaviours through live, practical examples.


Learn what to look out for as a VC when investing in others that will save you millions of dollars and countless hours.






Open up a world of opportunity by building rapport faster and maintaining relationships for longer.

Recognise the different behavioural styles of others in order to influence and negotiate with success. 


Learn how to uncover the truth in almost anyone, like a behavioural analysis expert, by learning how to apply my deceptive decode system.

Set your own personalised behaviour change action plan that will take your communication to extraordinary levels. 

Discover the science behind the program and uncover the innate potential of both individuals and teams that will lead you or your company to success.

Learn the step by step P.R.E.M.I.E.R system that will leave you with a cutting-edge proven framework, allowing you to ethically influence, negotiate and persuade your way to success and therefore increase performance, productivity and profit.


Analyse and identify the most common temperamental and emotional responses of

chronic liars and manipulators by learning how to evaluate truthfulness and assess credibility.

Easily identify the master manipulators you come across every day in order to protect yourself.

Overcome personal barriers and reduce conflict.

Increase your chances of raising money from VC's.





Security & Law Enforcement



HR/L&D Professionals.




This LIVE programme is ideal for ambitious individuals who want to learn how to CONFIDENTLY CONNECT AND CAPITALISE on every human interaction in order to...


Stand Out More, Influence More And Earn More.




Entrepreneurs • Lawyers •  Trial Consultants • Learning & Development • Corporate Executives • HR Managers • Team Leaders • Sales Personnel • Contract Negotiators •

Psychologists • Therapists • Coaches • Police Officers • Security/Prison Personnel •

Financial Advisors • Individuals Who Have A Fascination With Human Behaviour And Want To Learn How To Speed Read Others, Decode And Interpret Verbal And Nonverbal Communication.



Ways To Utilise Insight To Impact In The Real World

Coaches, trainers and consultants who want/need to learn how to engage with their clients at an extraordinary level in order to stay ahead of the competition and provide their clients with the amazing transformation they are looking for. 

Business owners and Entrepreneurs can utilise the lessons taught in this course in every area of their business to enhance their staff performance, business development and ultimately increase revenue. Business is about people and being able to understand others on a deeper level is vital to success.

Security officers and law enforcement rely heavily on their people skills and the ability to use their intuition regularly in high-pressure environments. Insight To Impact LIVE will enhance those skills to an extraordinary level and could potentially save lives, money and reputation.

Business Owners/Entrepreneurs



Coaches, Trainers & Consultants



Sales Executives who need to influence, negotiate and build relationships. After this 3 day training program, sales professionals will acquire some of the most cutting-edge skills and techniques available today. This will provide them with the ability to close more high ticket sales, build a high profile portfolio and leapfrog any competition. As a bonus, acquiring this level of advanced training certification will make any CV stand out from others as a sales professional.

This program has proven very effective with HR, L&D and Recruitment professionals who need to understand human behaviour on a deeper level in order to maximise performance, productivity and profit. By providing an advanced skill set, Insight to Impact will prove critical for maximising both individual and team performance, from selecting the right candidates for the job and increasing employee retention to communicating with colleagues and leading, managing and inspiring others.

The career of a Lawyer is an intense fast-paced, competitive and people-oriented profession, they need to influence, negotiate and communicate at the highest level. This online course will teach new and experienced lawyers how to observe, decode and utilise verbal and nonverbal behaviour in order to maximise results for clients and their firms bottom line. It provides them with a unique set of skills giving them the ability to obtain and retain more high profile clients, boost their career and have a competitive advantage on new law graduates CV's.

Sales Executives/Business Dev



Legal Professionals



Security / Law Enforcement



HR, L&D And Recruitment



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What Is The Investment For This Programme And What Will It Cover?


Insight To Impact is delivered one-to-one over three-days by Brett Mabberley the founder of interpersonal insights and International people intelligence specialist.

Three Days In A Tranquil Learning Environment


Spend three days learning how to adopt some of the most advanced cutting-edge communication tactics and strategies available and become a people expert. This programme is held at a luxury 5* hotel and tranquil learning environment where all of your meals and accommodation are provided.

Life Time Access To Our Online People Intelligence Platform.


Due to the scientific foundation of the programme we have developed a platform called (People Intelligence Online) where you will have lifetime access to our online material, including research papers and books which will help you continue to master the art and science of human behaviour and become a people expert.

Personalised Behavioural Profile.


After your application has been accepted you will be invited to complete your own personal behavioural profile. This will give you a solid foundation to work from for the rest of the program and for the rest of your life.
Understanding your preferred communication style and learning where your strengths and opportunities to grow are, will prove extremely valuable skills aligned with this program. 
This programme has been designed for ambitious and committed high achievers who acknowledge that having the ability to communicate at a higher level is vital for success. 
We don't believe in overnight success, we believe in changing behaviours in order to create exponential impact and this programme requires commitment, energy and courage in order for true transformation to take place.
Your Investment for Insight To Impact Starts From
£5,000 Per Person.




What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying

Brett is exceptional at what he does. I met Brett whilst on a coaching skills workshop and it was immediately obvious that the years he has spent on his own development has made him highly skilled in what he does. 

I commissioned Brett on a one to one basis to further enhance my communication skills and to help with my reading of a clients body language. The depth that he goes into is amazing, I especially love the reading of Micro Expressions - for any fan of the Tim Roth series "Lie To Me".

It has been a pleasure to introduce Brett to some major Corporate companies including The University of Birmingham and Natwest/RBS where he has worked his magic to improve teamwork, morale and above all results.

If you have a chance to work with Brett then I cannot recommend him highly enough. 


Matthew Broadhurst,

St James Place Wealth Management

Birmingham, UK


Having recently attended a seminar to see Brett, I cannot wait to work with him in the future. 


Brett's vast knowledge of the "new" body language, micro-emotions, psychology and coaching was really obvious. His enthusiasm, great delivery style, approachability and professionalism made an already interesting subject area totally fascinating.




Tracy Kearns, MBA, MCIPD

Vice-Chair South East Wales Branch at CIPD

Change Manager - Transport For Wales

Brett is the man! After meeting Brett and having intense one to one sessions along with attending his amazing seminars on a regular basis I started to believe in myself again.


Brett's approach to teaching is unique, he leaves you speechless and wanting to hear & learn more. I am now running my own empowerment coaching business thanks to Brett.


This guy is unbelievably amazing, he keeps his audience captivated, he inspires them and most of all people leave his company BELIEVING they can do it!! Brett I cannot thank you enough for all the support you have given me over the last year if it wasn't for you I would still be at that crossroads in my life.



Lisa Jayne Powell

- Empowerment Coach


I have worked with Brett in a number of areas over recent years both through my own business - Colden Human Resources Ltd - and in my capacity as Chair of Birmingham CIPD.

In all my dealings with him, I have found Brett to be engaging, knowledgeable, highly credible and, above all, authentic. His range of expertise is extensive and this enables him to provide a well-rounded viewpoint which ensures all his professional interventions are relevant to the context and well focussed

I would have no hesitation in recommending Brett.

Patricia Colden, Director

Colden Human Resources Ltd  &

Chair Birmingham Branch at CIPD



Brett Mabberley is an extraordinarily insightful human being. He has the very rare skill set of technical 'geek' know-how and emotional intelligence that make him an extremely effective coach, strategist and visionary. He has a powerful empathetic temperament that is tough and yet understanding both at once, which is why he is such a popular coach and trainer. He's also an inspiring, engaging public speaker, with some cutting-edge content on human behaviour, mental resilience and world-class performance.


Highly recommended!


Rob Brown

Author (Build Your Reputation & How To Build Your Reputation)

TedX Speaker

Founder & CEO - BDA (Business Development Academy) 




Brett is an expert in his field, he is a first-class consultant and goes the extra mile to help and certainly exceeds expectations.
I would recommend Brett as both a consultant and a speaker.

He is great at networking and bringing people together in business and always goes the extra mile to help.


Donna Gardner-Hickman

Director - VIP Lifestyle Ltd

We commissioned Brett to develop a program for our curriculum that he then delivered to all of our year 7 students to give them a basic understanding of behavioural science. It equipped them with the knowledge to apply their skills of communication to the real world.  

Brett’s program was captivating, fully immersing students in a course that addressed all learning styles. His professionalism and knowledge are outstanding and I would highly recommend Brett and his programs.

Kelly Pierduta

Specialist in Student Growth & Performance

Highfields High School







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